Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lost Gloves, Power Harmony, compact car packing gold medalists

 Hey everyone, we're getting close to "go time" on HBR showcase #6! It's Thursday, August 1st, and it's going to be the last one of the summer (I need a break to work on writing reviews of all the wonderful submissions that I've been receiving). I met Brian Goodheart at Hearts Bleed Radio Showcase #3 (oh! the power of internet networkings) and he (guitar/vocals), along with Rebekah (keys), Mike (bass) and Pete (drums), constitute the band Lost Gloves. We're happy to have them batting second tomorrow night, and we think you'll enjoy their set. I had the pleasure of chatting with them last weekend. Here's the transcript:

Hearts Bleed Radio: For starters, someone give me a brief history of the band.

Brian: Pete? I think you should take this question.

Pete: OK. It all started when I answered a Craigslist ad that Brian put up. That's right, we might be one of the few bands that actually started up the old fashioned way, with strangers meeting via classified ads. For a few weeks it was just the two of us being polite and seeing if the musical chemistry would work, which it did.

HBR: So Michael and Rebekah came from Craigslist too?

Pete: Brian knew Rebekah from a previous band, actually so he brought her in and for a few more weeks it was just the three of us. A happy little family.

Mike: And then...

Pete: Mike came on recommendation from a friend. After that, all politeness ceased and we became Lost Gloves.

Mike: And I forgot to bring my bass to my first rehearsal, which is usually not a thing you do. But somehow I conned them into letting me play with them. Sorry, first tryout. I demonstrated my musician chops by being a total flake.

HBR: I almost left my guitar and my bassist's bass in the laundromat yesterday, so I understand how that goes..

Pete: He lives up to all the bass player jokes!

Mike not pictured... Probably doing something weird.

HBR: So, did you guys kinda know the sound you were after, or did it come together from like, feeling each other out? Was there a vision? If so, who had it?

Mike: As we practiced more and more we also realized that we all genuinely like each other which was disturbing.

Brian: Lost Gloves' sound has been a work in progress since the beginning. Its been a source of frustration and self doubt, but also a lot of great self discovery and bonding as a band. I think those new songs we recorded that we'll be putting out on a 7" in the next few months represent the first time we've all kind of landed on a sound we like.

HBR: Rebekah, you've been quiet, this question is for you.. Who's your biggest influence? Where are you coming from musically?

Rebekah: Well, it seems to change a lot and I'm not sure I could really pinpoint one band or genre that really helped forge our sound. We all come from different musical backgrounds--I grew up playing classical piano and Mike taught himself bass--but somehow it seems to work... Personally, lately I've been listening to a lot of Marnie Stern, but I'm not sure that's had much of an effect on anyone else.

Brian: Oooh, Stephen Perry likes Lost Gloves on Facebook!

Mike: SCORE!

HBR: Haha, I didn't realize that I hadn't liked the band yet, sorry.

Mike: This isn't just because we are doing this interview, IS IT STEPHEN?

HBR: Do you like the newest Marnie Stern album? I've been on the fence about it.

Rebekah: Yeah, I'm totally into it.

Mike: I do as well.

Rebekah: I really like how poppy it is.

Mike: It's definitely a push towards a more pop sound.

HBR: I just remember being like, in a crappy mood, and listening to it and being like, "It's not as guitary as I want it to be."

Brian: Yeah, she's streamlined a bit on that album, and I think it works.

HBR: I should pick it back up and give it another listen. Anyway, I feel like people who have some classical music background have a broader range of what they can do, cause they didn't learn music through straight up, pentatonic scales and power chords.

Rebekah: I think it's just a different route to the same place. But it's kind of fun to play Chopin for people whenever we run into a real piano.

Brian: Agreed. And that leads to the classic conundrum- when you can play anything, how do you know WHAT to play?

HBR: Know everything, and play what you like.

Mike: Whenever we get into an argument about music, Rebekah will sometimes just bust out some Debussy to flex her muscle, and we all just shut up. And she just stares us down.

Brian: And that's been the process that Lost Gloves has been going through- finding and agreeing on a sound that gives definition to what we can play.

Pete: For better or worse, we don't really have a dictator in the band.

HBR: I really like the keyboard riff in "Grandmom"... That's off your new EP, Don't Get Excited, tell me a little about the recording process.

Pete: We were actually geared up to record our new EP after recording the Jason Molina track for the comp that came out a few weeks ago, our cover of It's Made Me Cry. We did that in a much more streamlined manner, and I think the desire for the energy and urgency of a recording that was more what we do live, drove a lot of the recording choices.

Brian: We knew we wanted to do a 7" at some point. To check that off the band accomplishment-o-meter. So we purposefully recorded these short, fast songs so that we could put 2 to a side.

HBR: Did you lay down the instruments together? Or start with like, drums and a scratch guitar, and overdub from there?

Pete: Necessity forced us to record the drums first, because it was all being done in a small room, and then the rest of the instruments overdubbed over those tracks. To prep, though, we hammered the songs out live and didn't really stray from that when recording.

HBR: You wouldn't know that it wasn't tracked live, sounds pretty tight. When will the 7" be available?

Brian: We're getting the lacquers made now... I think we're projecting early October. If all goes according to plan, we'll have it in time for a short tour.

Mike: We discovered that pressing plants seem to shut down in August when the records start melting. Live and learn.

HBR: That's a good tip! Where do you guys want to go on tour? Northeast corridor, or longer?

Brian: I'm from Chicago and Pete's from Bloomington, IN. So we'd like to head west and swing back.

Pete: Oh my god, that's the first time you've given the city name! For Mike and I, it's always "New Jersey and Indiana," while Brian and Rebekah get "Chicago and San Diego." 

HBR: Right, congrats on the Stanley Cup...  x-(

Brian: Yeah. We'd like to think the good people of Boston and the Bruins for that cup.

HBR: Rebekah, you're from San Diego? What brought you to NYC?

Rebekah: I came here for school and I just can't seem to leave... There's a lot that I miss about California, but there's a lot that's great here too, whether it's work or the band or just all the stuff that's going on in New York.

HBR: I want to leave SO BADLY, but it's like, my home now. I know all these people, and where everything is.... Bloomington, IN. That's Blind Melon territory, right? Underrated band, in my opinion.

Mike: Aside from "No Rain" which just got massively overplayed. I love that album.

Brian: Shannon was from West Lafayette, like Axl!

Pete: Mmm, not that I know of. Bloomington is John Mellencamp territory, my friend.

HBR: Haha. Oh yeah, where was Blind Melon from?

Brian: I spent a single, ill-fated semester at Purdue.

Pete: By the way, do NOT call John Mellencamp "Johnny Cougar" or "The Coug" anything to do with "Cougar." He's moved on.
Late night jam

Mike: Who's going to hit Wikipedia?

Brian: Shannon, the singer, came from West Lafayette.

Mike: Oh my!

Brian: He met the rest in LA. No wiki necessary!

Mike: Yeah, I was going to write, LA?

HBR: Ok, that's the midwest connection.

Brian: I maaaaaay have visited his grave there at one point.

HBR: What does his tombstone say?

Mike: I can picture Blind Melon cruising downtown LA in a Beverely Hillbillies type van...

Brian: Its a lyric from the song "Change." "I know we can't all stay here forever, so I want to write my words on the face of today. And they'll paint it."

HBR: What's the worst thing about being a musician in NYC?

Pete: Mike, this one's for you.

Mike: I was going to say, there's so much written about the horrors of the NYC music scene - I'd rather focus on the positives. You're hard pressed to find a city where so much is happening.

HBR: Haha, you guys sound like a positive band, that's why I wanted to ask you a negative question.

Mike: I've had great experiences at some of the smaller DIY venues that are putting on great shows night after night. Maybe I took too many meds this morning. Someone else slam NYC. 

Pete: I love NYC. But I love saxophones, so it works for me.

Brian: The worst things we've experienced so far have largely been of our own doing... Getting angsty about people not paying attention to what we're doing, etc. But in honest moments, we recognize that its because we haven't given anyone a reason to pay attention.

Pete: Absolutely. I was going to say that the negative aspects come mostly from me being an egotistical crank.

Brian: I really feel like this place is making us a better band, whether we like it or not.

HBR: Haha, it's important to embrace your flaws, I think...

Brian: And then fix those flaws.

Rebekah: We've learned how to cram all our gear into the back of a Mini Cooper.

Mike: Haha!

HBR: I notice it when I leave the city, like, NYC bands are under a lot of pressure and it keeps you working and improving. Is that true about the Mini Cooper?

Pete: Yeah. Its not the size of the vehicle, it's how you use... Oh I'm not even going to finish that one.

Brian: Yeah. Mike is the proud owner of a Mini Cooper. Mike also uses his Mini Cooper with great skill.

Mike: Yes. I have a MINI that can fit (after some trial and error): keyboard, keyboard stand, bass cab, snare, cymbals, guitar, bass, pedal board, and guitar amp... And if anyone ever rear ends me I'm a dead man.

HBR: That's incredible.

Brian: But we can't fit a driver so we have to tow the car to the venue.

HBR: I always wanted to do like, the Olympics of cramming stuff into a car. Everyone has a '92 Nissan Sentra, and whatever band can cram the most shit into it wins.

Mike: Oh, I would totally win that. Let's do this.

Brian Goodheart left the conversation

HBR: We're excited for the show on 8/1, is there anything else coming up that you guys want to plug?

Mike: Finally, we can talk shit about the band.

Pete: Wow, Brian didn't take kindly to the car loading contest! In terms of promotion, we can certainly talk about our new video, eh Rebekah???

Rebekah: We have a music video that we're about to release! (ed. note, it's released! view it below!)

Mike: That Rebekah directed! Where did Brian go?

Brian Goodheart joined the conversation

Rebekah: Brian's back!

Brian: Hey back! Sorry about that... Internet blew up.

Mike: We were talking about your love of progressive rock...

Brian: What did i miss? Did we get to the tell all about Mike's sexual explorations?

Pete: The massive Grateful Dead influence on your guitar playing.

Mike: Not yet!

HBR: Prog rockers who decide to write concise poppy songs usually do well, in my opinion. Bassists kinda have to have something weird about them, or else they are "just a bassist."

Brian: Mike is definitely not "just a bassist."

HBR: I want something juicy. Please tell me he's a furry.

Brian: ...no matter how much I ask him to be sometimes.

HBR: Sex is kinda like playing the bass, it's all about being in a grove, and like, you can totally ruin the experience by trying to play too many notes.

Mike: This explains why I'm terrible in bed.

HBR: Haha, we've learned a lot today..

Mike: I feel like I have a lot of freedom in Lost Gloves to play some interesting bass parts. Not all of them pass the "good taste" test.

HBR: I think they do, LGs has a lot going on, but it never seems to be too cluttered.

Brian: Thanks. That's something we're always checking ourselves against.

HBR: Yeah, it's like, "We can do this, and it's really cool, BUT, how is it going to come across? Is it just going to be a mess? Who really has the lead here, and should we hang back more and let it shine through?" Thats a kinda awareness that you gotta have.

Brian: YES! We ask ourselves that a lot. And I think we've only recently been coming up with the right answers to those questions.

HBR: I would agree, the new EP sounds great! 

Pete: We're slow learners...

Rebekah: ...but we get there eventually.

 We'll post an update with links to the entire EP, when it's mastered and ready for your ears. In the meantime, nothing beats the real thing, so come on down to Grand Victory and cheer them on!

RSVP to the show ---> here.

Like Lost Gloves on Facebook ---> here.

Like Hearts Bleed Radio on Facebook ---> here.

See you at the show!


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