Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ten Tracks + CMJ Anouncement

  It's really been for friggin' ever since I sat down and wrote something, ANYTHING, about actual music. I have a slight amount of free time on my hands, and I wanted to share with you some excellent tunes I came across this summer while working, setting up shows, playing music, etc. Also, I figured some random eyes might find this blog through the 4 Track Challenge, and I wanted to greet them with an article that wasn't about baseball.

OH, and we're throwing a CMJ showcase featuring Ghost Punch, The Planes, pow wow!, Light Therapy, Sunset Guns, and The Black Black. It's going to be a free back-room Legion party. Swing by if you're out and about on 10/24. I'll buy you a beer if you buy me some chicken rings after the show (only half kidding).

Ok, here's an indie-pop heavy (for HBR) ten song playlist of new releases from the spiring/summer. Enjoy!

Clam and what I believe is a DOUBLE RAINBOW.

The Underground pt. 2 (More Underground) - Clam

I love the desperation in Johnny's vocals on the second go around. A noisy crescendo that peaks right as it ends, this is end of summer jam #1. Also, Clam is an excellent live band, I highly recommend catching them. Bonus: there are a ton of interesting videos on their website.

Sleep Alone - The Teen Age

A catchy barroom rocker with some washed out reverb-y lead licks reminiscent of 80's guitar pop. Their next show is at the soon to be shuttered Death by Audio, with Spirit System and HBR favorites Clouder on 10/9. You should be there.

Fake French - Little Racer

The Teen Age's label-mates Little Racer, continue the theme of catchy, simple, but lush sounding tunes. Fake French is minimalist with a lot going on, if that makes sense. It's a simple tune with a rich sonic palette.