Monday, October 20, 2014

CMJ Music Marathon 2014 (extreme shit-show navigation and survival edition)

Hey, do you like bands? Yea? Good thing, cause they are about to invade the city like a plague of skinny jean clad locusts. I bet some of them will even have those tiny headbands that I hate. It's CMJ Music Marathon time again. I'm sorry if I sound jaded, but I think the whole thing is kinda dumb at this point. It's an outdated clusterfuck of posers trading handjobs with wannabe tastemakers for 7pm Tuesday slots at fucking Lit Lounge.

Ahh... but I guess I'm one of them.

And I do like, I mean, I LOVE, the idea; bring deserving acts from all around the country/world to NYC for a festival that puts a giant spotlight on the best and most unique new artists. This isn't SXSW, where pop stars play sold out shows to d'bag central; there's a real understanding that this is a discovery festival. There's still plenty of reasons to want to be a part of the festival too. Of course, it's just fun to roam around the city, see bands for free, maybe get a free backpack or tote bag. And despite the fact that college radio has lost a big chunk of it's taste-making power in an internet dominated media landscape, there's still a couple of acts that get a solid boost from killing it at the festival. Here's a rundown of the bands that are playing our shows, some recommendations on who to catch, and a few notes on getting around NYC.

Pumped for some Pity Sex...

Hearts Bleed Radio Unofficial CMJ Party, Hank's Saloon, Thursday 10/23 8pm

This is a FREE unofficial show that basically came together so we could get an extra show for The #1's. It's a long way from Dublin to NYC, glad we could help them make the most of it. Here are the bands:

Honduras.  These guys are local Brooklyn rockers who bring an energetic live show, some catchy tunes, and all around good vibes. At times danceable, at times mosh-able, they're a treat, check 'em out.

The #1's.  Hailing from Ireland, the #1's are a power-pop outfit that combine UK punk with 60's American garage rock. Another upbeat, catchy band (are you starting to see a theme here?), we're so lucky that they made it all the way to NYC. You need to catch these guys at friggin' Hank's. It's going to be one of those special CMJ nights to remember.

Big Quiet.  This Brooklyn trio combines 80's jangle rock hooks and 90's indie slack-ability. Their first full-length album was recorded this summer, and mixed by Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Helium, Pavement). We're all excited to hear it!

American Darlings.  Another NYC act, American Darlings are a guitar-first indie pop band. With an emphasis on songwriting above all else, they're a full on melodious fuzz attack.