4 Track Challenge

SONGS ARE HERE --->  4trackchallenge.bandcamp.com

UPDATE 1/9/15

We're looking to chill on this for now! Take a little while, let the tracks sink in. We are going to make this a bi-annual event, the next challenge will be in May of 2015. You can join the Facebook group, or sign up for the newsletter, if you'd like to be kept up to date or involved in the conversation.


------------INFO BELOW CONCERNS Fall 2014 Challenge--------------

WTF is the 4 Track Challenge?

We're challenging you (you, your band, you and a group of friends who need an excuse to play music together) to create an EP (12-24 minutes) of original material using nothing but an analog 4 track as a recording device. Feel free to use a mixer, a preamp, a million dollar mic, OR just use that piece of crap $10 RadShack mic.

remember this little guy?
When the challenge ends in mid November, we'll post everything up on a bandcamp page (you can opt out of this, no problem). We're hoping to get 50 EP's up there, so please share this with anyone you think might be interested. Here's the registration form again ---> Register Here.

I'M IN! (but I don't have a 4 track)

Understandably, not everyone owns a 4 track. It's sad, I know, but it's true.

If you're in/around NYC, Sound Farm has got you covered. Fill out the registration, like them on Facebook, and shoot Evan an email at evan@sound.farm.

If you're not in around NYC. Please register as normal and try super hard to find a machine you can borrow on your own; social media should be good for this! If you can't find one among your group of friends, send an email to heartsbleedradio@gmail.com with "4track needed" in the subject and I'll try to connect you with someone in your area who is willing to loan out a machine.

Who will choose the lowly 02?


Registration ends on October 1st October 3rd. Masters are due on November 14th. That's it.


Join this Facebook group if you'd like to gear swap, talk shop, etc. There will also be an email list (I promise not to spam you guys). I'd love to publish some guest articles on the blog. If you're interested in writing one, send an email to heartsbleedradio@gmail.com. Of course, it doesn't hurt to follow HBR on Facebook either. Tweets, Instagram, etc? Let's try #4trkchlg or #4trackchallenge.


1. You register online before OCT 1st OCT 3rd.  (REGISTRATION NOW OFFICIALLY CLOSED)
2. You make a recording using an analog 4 track as the sole recording device.
3. You turn it in on or by NOV 14th. (via dropbox or USB drive, in a lossless format)
4. We post everything online, and it's awesome.

Questions? Shoot an email to heartsbleedradio@gmail.com with "4track challenge" in the subject or ask away in the Facebook group.

(I'll add to this as we go)

Q. I have a cassette 8 track, can I use that?
A. Yes, just use it like a 4 track and don't cheat.

Q. I have a digital something or other that I'd like to use.
A. Sorry, it has to be analog, cassette or reel. If you can't round up an analog machine, shoot an email to heartsbleedradio@gmail.com with "4track needed" in the subject.

Q. What format should the master be?
A. Lossless audio. .WAV .AIFF or .FLAC  You can mail me a stereo cassette if you have no other options.

Q. Does the material have to be new?
A. We prefer material that hasn't been released yet, but if you want to sit down a record a 4 track version of your band's last release, it's within the rule, we suppose.

Q. Can we record covers?
A. Nope, make it original material to which you own the rights.

Q. What's the best kind of tape to use and where do I get it?
A. There's no real answer. High bias tapes usually have less tape noise and sometimes clearer high frequencies, whereas normal bias tapes handle a hot signal a little bit better. Generally, the tape is thicker on shorter length cassettes. If you're going to be doing a lot of ping-pong-ing, it's probably best to use high bias, but I've never been able to tell much of a difference. Also, you can usually by normal bias cassettes from RadShack. I think you might have to order high bias tapes online, or do a bit of dollar store treasure hunting.

Q. How will you know if I cheat?
A. We won't, don't be a jerk. 

Q. Who owns the rights to my stuff?
A. You do. Whatever you send us will go up online for free stream, and download if you like. HBR doesn't make any money off of anything ever. (sigh)

Q. Can I send tracks individually into a DAW for mixing/processing?
A. Yes, you can use a DAW like a mixer or a processor, just don't use it to actually record. Sending two tracks out for some reverb/EQ and sending the signal right back out to be recorded on track #3 (and stuff like that) is allow.

Q. Can I put a little mastering compression/EQ on my finished product (in the computer).
A. Yes. If you want to do slight normalizing of tracks, a little EQ and or slight compression, go for it. Please make a note of it though.

I'll post more Q and A's as I think of them, feel free to add a question in the comments.

Cheers and happy tracking!

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