Friday, March 15, 2013

Justin from DLK!

I had the pleasure of Gchating this afternoon with Justin Gonzales, the guitarist and vocalist from DLK.  DLK will be closing out the night at the first ever Hearts Bleed Radio show, and we're super excited to see them!  Despite it being the middle of his birthday week (I'm guessing he's between 21 and 24), Justin was collected and thoughtful.  Here's what he had to say...

Hearts Bleed Radio: So for starters, give me some background info on DLK. You guys released stuff on Bandcamp back in 2011, have you been on and off since then? Whats the line-up of the band? You sing and play guitar?

Justin: Well the bassist, Josh, and I started what would become DLK way back in '05.  Went through a bunch of drummers, and we sorta put it to rest around the beginning of '08, that was around the time I joined Pet Ghost Project.  (Currently, the band is made up of Justin on gtr/vox, Josh on bass, and Travis on drums.)

HBR: So you've been involved with a bunch of bands through the years. I've seen you play with Magnetic Island and Passenger Peru too. How difficult is it to like, compartmentalize the different projects?

Justin: Not too difficult.  My role in Magnetic Island was more for the live situation, pretty much all my parts were written out already.  With Passenger Peru, I was more involved in the writing and arranging.

HBR: The remastered PP album sounds great by the way, is that up on Bandcamp now? Or just a direct download for friends?

: Thanks!  All credit to Justin Stivers on that one.  And no, not on Bandcamp yet
only for friends now...but once we figure out a few things we'll re-release it.  Soon...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Summer Saints, Spring Rock Out

Summer Saints are an absolute blast to see live, and we're super excited to have them for the first Hearts Bleed Radio show.  We're talking loud, instrument swapping, rhythmic AND melodic, all out rock party goodness.  I spoke with Mark Karges, the sometimes singer, sometimes drummer of the band...

Hearts Bleed Radio: So I saw you guys at Cakeshop in January, when you played with The Planes. I would consider you guys to be a "high energy" band (as would Jeremy from Tenrec). What's you mentality like before a show? Nerves?

Mark: I get some nerves, but if I don't, I feel I don't play as well. Plus we all have a few beers too.

HBR: That always helps. Have you ever had two many?

Mark: Sometimes, but we try to behave as much as possible before playing. We're only human, though.

HBR: It's hard to be in a bar, and like, be waiting to play, and not drink quickly. I was listening to "Road to Hoe" and I hear a lot of Dinosaur Jr. in that track. Are they an influence?

Mark: Yes, definitely.

HBR: Who are some others?

Mark: Husker Du, GBV, Swell Maps... We tend to like fast stuff with some melody. 

HBR: Indie has really drifted away from some of it's "punky-er" roots over the past decade. Does that affect what you do? Even if you're just explaining to someone what you sound like, you can't just really say, "indie" these days.

Mark: We just say rock n' roll.

HBR: Haha, love it. I do to. Say that and hope they don't ask a follow up.Something I like about you guys is the tightness of the rhythm, and the importance it plays in the songs. Do you you guys write that as a group?

Mark: All three of us contribute to the songwriting. Initially they'd start off fully-formed, with one of us bringing a song to practice, but as time has gone by I think the process has gotten more communal, especially with arrangements and stuff like that.

HBR: You just posted a track "Made The Circuit" on SoundCloud. Should we be expecting more tracks any time soon?

Mark: Yep. We've got a few from the same session that just need vocals.

HBR: How did you record them?

Mark: Very poorly, with our pal Billy's eight-track that Joe stole out of his bedroom when the two of them were living together.

HBR: Haha, sounds pretty tight though, do you do the band together live, and then overdub the vocals?

Mark: You got it. None of us are very good singers, so it makes sense to overdub instead of spoiling a perfectly good instrumental take with our caterwauling.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Talking to Tenrec

Tenrec is a really interesting local band, and we were lucky to get them to open up the Hearts Bleed Radio showcase, March 22nd, at Legion in Williamsburg.  I sat down with Jeremy Garcia (lead singer and guitarist of the year old band), on ye olde Facebook chat to talk a little bit about the band, the show, and music in general...

Hearts Bleed Radio:  Are you the principal songwriter, or do you guys write as a group?

Jeremy:  We write as a group although it usually starts with me writing at home or in my practice space, and the other members writing their own parts.  Creative freedom is encouraged to an extent.

HBR:  I figured it was somewhat of a collaboration when I heard the kinda surf-y outro to "Lizard in the Sun". That strikes me as the kinda part that a guy writing songs on his acoustic in his apartment doesn't usually come up with.  Explain where that part came from. I think its great, and gives the song a totally new dimension.

Jeremy:  Haha, I wrote the lead on my own but the guys just made it work. Sean (drummer) just got it without me having to say much. Those are the best moments.

HBR:  Yeah, when you're on the same page like that, and something that is somewhat counter-intuitive just falls into place. The recordings on Bandcamp sound good, do you guys have plans to release anything more?

Jeremy:  Yes, we are planning to release a 12" EP. The next couple songs are my favorite of the bunch. It will be a 5 song release.

HBR:  Any idea when? Have you started planning the epic release party yet?

Jeremy:  No idea, we ought to be finished mixing in April. It's an independent release so we just need a little time. Hopefully before Fall. Release party is definitely not what we are even thinking about at the moment. But when it happens it will be a fun night for all, I hope.

 That's some real sci-fi shit, right there.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cleveland's own Kid Tested!

Friday March 22nd is a debutant ball as far as Hearts Bleed Radio is concerned.  We are unveiling ourselves to the world, and while many things are still uncertain (should i use CAPITAL letters?  Should it be solely music based?  How do I trick a college student into being my intern?), we've got the line-up set, and we're ready to talk to the bands!

First up is Shawn Mishak (guitar/vocals) of Kid Tested.  I sat down with Shawn on Gchat the other night (minutes before he had to host an open mic night), and here's what transpired...

Hearts Bleed Radio: Let's go back in time for a second... Kid Tested has been together for over 10 years. Have you guys been active the whole time? Same three dudes?
 Shawn: We have been active since roughly 2001. We are on our 4th drummer, and our second bass player. the new drummer, Jim has been with us for over a year and Dom has been with us for about 5 years..fucking drummers...
   HBR: If they don't die, you consider it a victory and move on. I assume its really hard to find a drummer everywhere, right?
   Shawn: I consider all the people I've had the opportunity to work with a blessing and a privilege. Drummers that don't get sucked into drugs, marriage, or double bass pedals can be tricky. 
Yes, that's an actual Cleveland apartment.