Bands We've Booked

UPDATE! We don't book shows anymore. Who cares, right?

There are thousands of awesome bands who bust their asses week after week, for no other reason than their passion for creating and performing music. No one is making any serious money from this anymore (if anyone ever was, I'm not sure); even the lucky few who "make it" are still destined to pay for expensive recording, promotion and touring out of pocket... all from paychecks that often aren't much better than dishwashers/burger-flippers/cashiers/etc.

Below is an ever expanding list of the incredible bands who have played a Hearts Bleed Radio showcase. We've been so lucky to work with such talented people, and we'd love it if you took a second to check out their tunes. Most of these acts accept money through Paypal (via Bandcamp), and if you're digging their stuff, drop them some cash. "Like" them on Facebook, and download their album, or tweet at them if that's your jam. This isn't Yankee Stadium, it's a minor league game, you can walk right up and talk to the players... and they'll love you for it.

If you like indie rock and listen to five of these bands at random, you'll find at least one you really like. Promise.    

                                    (apple-F/ctrl-F if you're looking for someone in particular)

Paper Fleet:   Bandcamp   Facebook   Website

Old Monk:   Bandcamp   Facebook   Website

The Planes:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Giga Herbs:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Luff:   Bandcamp   Facebook

All Forces:   Facebook

Big Quiet:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Corita:   Bandcamp  Facebook

Fisty:   Facebook

Kid Tested:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Summer Saints:   Facebook   Soundcloud

DLK:   Bandcamp   Facebook

The Beets:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Quiet Loudly:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Mount Sharp:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Crazy Pills :   Bandcamp   Facebook

pow wow!:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Sunset Guns:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Sharkmuffin:   Bandcamp   Facebook   Website

Lost Gloves:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Early Spring:   Bandcamp

Libel:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Heavy Birds:   Bandcamp   Facebook

The Meaning of Life:   Bandcamp   Facebook

FAN-TAN:   Bandcamp   Facebook

EULA:   Bandcamp   Facebook   Website

Duke Evers:   Soundcloud   Facebook

The Brooklyn What:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Slothrust:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Radical Dads:   Bandcamp   Facebook   Website

My Teenage Stride:   Bandcamp   Facebook

GHOSTESS:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Happy Lives:   Bandcamp   Facebook

The Mad Doctors:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Haybaby:   Bandcamp   Facebook

THE SUZAN:   Facebook   Website

Madam West:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Chuck Burns Band:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Sursum Verbo:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Eastern Hollows:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Art School Dropouts:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Clean Girls:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Habits:   Website   Facebook

Iced Ink:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Snowmans of Love:   Bandcamp

Party Lights:   Bandcamp   Facebook   Website

Onesie:   Soundcloud   Facebook

The True Jacqueline:   Bandcamp   Facebook   Website

Dialogue From A Silent Film:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Princess Tiny and The Meats:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Gingerlys:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Industry:   Facebook

The Black Black:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Let's Be Loveless:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Shelter Dogs:   Bandcamp   Facebook

White Like Fire:   Bandcamp   Facebook   Website

The Space Merchants:   Bandcamp   Facebook

Slang King:   Facebook

Elxclub:   Facebook

Samuel Cooper:   Facebook

Scott Deleadus:

Edward Korft:  Facebook   Bandcamp

Plates of Cake:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Eleanor:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Friends and Farmers:  Bandcamp

No Shoes:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Ms. America:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Galapagos Now!:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Haunted America:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Orca Age:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Dreadful Crows:   Facebook

The Sheens:   Bandcamp   Facebook

The Naturals:   Facebook

Light Therapy:   Facebook

Heathers:   Facebook

The Spook School:   Facebook   Website

Shark?:   Facebook   Bandcamp

The Teen Age:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Clouder:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Miniboone:   Facebook   Bandcamp   Website

The Living Kills:   Facebook   Bandcamp   Website

Warmth:   Bandcamp

The Shower Scene:   Facebook

Ma:   Facebook   Bandcamp

The Fucktons:   Facebook 

Sun Voyager:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Greasy Hearts:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Baked Goods:   Facebook   Bandcamp


Pleasure Island:   Facebook 

Wizard Sex:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Les Bicyclettes Blanches:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Warn The Duke:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Mallory:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Catscan!:   Facebook

Devotional:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Shiloh:   Facebook   Bandcamp

Maginot:   Facebook   Bandcamp

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