Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey Haybaby! Nice to meet you.

Hope you all made it through the polar vortex in one frozen piece. Thirty-five degrees feels like springtime to me. Anyhow, we have the first showcase of the year this Wednesday at Cake Shop, and we're really excited for the lineup. The Mad Doctors are up first, followed by Crazy Pills, pow wow!, and then Haybaby. Doors at 8, don't be late. Check out this chat with Haybaby. Try to control your excitement. Save it for the dance floor.

Hearts Bleed Radio: Can you start us off by telling us a little about the band?

Zach: Leslie and I met at a show of a band I played in called Bad and the Ugly, and then a while later I asked her to join a band with my ex girlfriend called Peter Pan, which became Peter Pan and the Lost Boys once Leslie joined. I also played in a band called Steer at the time and we played a show with Sam's other band called Spaces.

HBR: Did this all take place in NYC?

Leslie: We started as Haybaby when Zach and his ex broke up with our friend Caleb. He was on bass at first then wanted to switch to lead guitar so we had Sam join on bass, then Caleb moved back to Boston so we were just three again. Yeah, all in Brooklyn.

Zach: That pretty much sums it up, although my ex did not break up with Caleb, but my ex and I broke up.

Leslie: I play guitar, Zach drums, and Sam's on bass. We all sing, but Zach and I share lead.

HBR: Do you think that bass players need to have a good sense of humor because they are kinda the "losers" of the band?

Zach: Definitely think so which is why Sam is perfect.

Leslie: Sam definitely is the biggest loser in the whole world but he is also the best at bass in the universe.

Zach: True and it's awesome that he's not here to defend himself 'bout his loserdom.

Leslie: I think he would agree.

Zach: True, but he is the baddest ass at bass that I know.

A rare pic of a NYC band in a non-taxi automobile.
HBR:Well, in all honesty, bass players aren't "losers" but it is kinda a thankless instrument, right?

Zach: Not when you play like Sam. He thanks the powers that be with every note. I just think that they are in fact losers.

HBR: I'm going to pay special attention to that on the 15th. So, how do you guys go about songwriting? Is it a group process?

Leslie: I think in a lot of bands the role of the bassist is pretty boring, holding down root notes or whatever but that definitely is not the case in Haybaby. Sam pretty much defines the groove of the whole song and I just noodle around it.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Playlist and 2014 Shows!

Hey everyone, hope you're not frozen to the bone. I'm really happy that my 7 year old computer heats up like a toaster oven; I'm wearing two sweatshirts and clinging to it like it's the last spot of warmth in a dark and dying world. Anyway, I wanted to mention a couple of things...

#1. Our 2013 Playlist!

  These are all bands who played an official HBR showcase in 2013, and I think it's a pretty sweet playlist. Unfortunately, not every band we booked is on Spotify, for a full list (with links) check out the ever-evolving Bands We've Booked page. If you find something you like, share it with your buds. Need more info on anyone? Hit me up.

#2. Typhoon Haiyan Relief Show

  A bunch of HBR regulars are playing a benefit show this weekend, 1/11/14. All proceeds will go towards aiding and rebuilding the Philippines. It's $10 for a great cause, and it's a sweet bill at a sweet venue. Here's a link to the event on Facebook, and here's a link to donate if you can't make the show.