Monday, December 6, 2010

you will be remembered for a month or so....

from the very first second i saw the mouse, i knew the mouse had to be killed, which meant i wanted to kill the mouse in the way that we desire to fulfill our destiny, not that it was anything personal between and the rodent. what had to be done, had to be done, the mouse was no more innocent than i, we were merely two species randomly placed in an unfortunate situation, the outcome of which was predetermined. as time went by, and the vermin evaded the various traps i had placed, i became more comfortable with the idea of murdering the damn thing, instead of trapping it and releasing it in alien terrain (which would lead to a slow, frustrating death). i would invent a better mousetrap, i would use human intelligence, the most powerful tool in the animal kingdom, to give this creature a quick, painless death. but as i awoke this morning, and wandered into the kitchen for a drink of water, fate took the wheel. i was freed from the guilt of murder by pure happenstance. the little critter had scurried underneath my right heel at exactly the wrong moment, leaving a small, red pool on the hardwood floor, and a small, red dot on the bottom of my foot.

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