Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Old Monk's "Seymour: Video

Here's a picture of Old Monk.  I drew myself in as a pirate.  I'm on the right.

Ok, Ok, so the guitar solo at the end of this is like, epic, Slash standing in front of a church style awesomeness...  but it's also 8-bit and incredibly nerdy.  Anyway, Old Monk rocked out at HBR #3 last weekend, and I just wanted to pass on the new video to "Seymour", which premiered yesterday on Brooklyn Vegan.  They threw in some pop culture references, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

Behold, the pixelated glory of the Seymour video:

Check out the interview we did with Old Monk  ---> Here.

We'll be starting up the next round of interviews soon, as we inch closer to the Hearts Bleed Radio Northside Showcase!  Click here to RSVP!

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