Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Libel's new video! and Showcase #5 and #6 info!

  Hey gang, I think my liver has finally recovered from the Northside weekend, and it's time for us to get rolling on our next batch of interviews! I'll start with Sunset Guns and Sharkmuffin, both of whom will be performing at HBR showcase #5 at Fort Useless. But right now I'd like to mention Libel, who we've booked to headline HBR showcase #6 at The Grand Victory on August 1st. It's looking like the show will be their LP release, and we're super lucky to have them on the bill. Libel is a tight post-punk trio based in Brooklyn. Here's a shot of them performing at Muchmore's, taken by yours truly...

Possible second career as a band photographer?

  They've released a video for the single "This is Love", and though it's remarkably simple, it suits the song well, and ends in a very mysterious manner. The camera follows lead singer/guitarist Gavin Dunaway as he zig zags down a staircase through a bombed out industrial building. From the opening shot of a destroyed room at the top of the stairs, to the climatic end scene where Dunaway opens a door into a bright white light, he seems to be driven by an unknown motive. Though the motive is undefined, the sense of purpose on Dunaway's face is clear, and the viewer feels compelled to follow him. Check it out below:

  In my mind the white light at the end is an exploding A-Bomb that annihilates Dunaway and the crime scene at the top of the stairs that he had spent the preceding several hours cleaning up. But that's just me, you decide for yourself.

Shot, directed, and produced by Daniele Dandaddy. Check out his work ---> www.dandaddy.com

Check out HBR Showcase #6, featuring Libel ---> here.

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RSVP for HBR showcase #5 ---> here.

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That's all for now folks, see you at a show!

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