Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Playlist and 2014 Shows!

Hey everyone, hope you're not frozen to the bone. I'm really happy that my 7 year old computer heats up like a toaster oven; I'm wearing two sweatshirts and clinging to it like it's the last spot of warmth in a dark and dying world. Anyway, I wanted to mention a couple of things...

#1. Our 2013 Playlist!

  These are all bands who played an official HBR showcase in 2013, and I think it's a pretty sweet playlist. Unfortunately, not every band we booked is on Spotify, for a full list (with links) check out the ever-evolving Bands We've Booked page. If you find something you like, share it with your buds. Need more info on anyone? Hit me up.

#2. Typhoon Haiyan Relief Show

  A bunch of HBR regulars are playing a benefit show this weekend, 1/11/14. All proceeds will go towards aiding and rebuilding the Philippines. It's $10 for a great cause, and it's a sweet bill at a sweet venue. Here's a link to the event on Facebook, and here's a link to donate if you can't make the show.

#3. Hearts Bleed Radio Showcase #10

  Can you believe we've made it to TEN full showcases? I can't. It seems like just yesterday we were positioning our first toy animals in front of a tissue paper backdrop and trying to make show fliers that fit Facebook's event banner (note, 851 x 315 pixels). Anyway 1/15/14, Cake Shop! We have a great bill featuring Crazy Pills, Shiloh, pow wow! and Haybaby. More details here!

And that's all for now! Hope to see you at the shows! Don't forget, spring is just 2 or maybe 3 months away depending on your overall attitude towards life. Later Haters!

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