Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Giga Herbs: Riding the boat, Froggin'... all in a day's work.

Hello dear readers!  The third Hearts Bleed Radio Showcase is coming up on May 17th, at Matchless in Greenpoint.  Closing out the night will be Giga Herbs, a super fun indie pop band that puts for a kind of post-dada/absurdist vibe...  Or maybe they're just crazy.  You'll have to come to the show and decide for yourself.  I spoke with their collective mind.  Here's what I got:

Hearts Bleed Radio: Ok, so I'm listening to "Mad Weird", your debut album. It's a pretty big block of work, 16 tracks... How do you go about composing?

Giga Herbs: We lobotomize our egos and pack them into a spaceship. We then tear a hole in the space-time continuum and transverse through different dimensional membranes until some sort of cohesive structure is attained. Basically, we usually jam the tunes out.

HBR: Who would you say are your main influences? I hear kinda a straight up 90's indie side, but also, like a groovier Hall and Oates thing.

GH: Daniel Johnston, The Band, Unicorns, and the Wu-Tang Clan. More recently, the Black and Flaming Lips --respectively.

The band, in 16-bit mode.

HBR: I think "Froggin'" is my favorite track on the album. What's the song about?

GH: It's about comin' up and chillin' on that lily pad, y'know what I'm sayin'?

HBR: Oh, that's what I thought... but you never know if there's a hidden meaning. Hey, what is a Giga Herb anyhow?

GH: Well sometimes a predator done come along and park his car on your lawn.

HBR: And that's a Giga Herb?

GH: No, a Giga Herb is a dud.

HBR: A dud? Like, a bomb that doesn't explode?

GH: Exactly. A grand dud.

 HBR: Ok, got it. So you're all from Staten Island? What's it like down there compared to the rest of NYC?

GH: Staten Island is the Biloxi, MI of NYC. Backwater rednecks frying up a turkey using a gasoline barrel. The red dot that voted for Bush in 2004. Everyone rides the boat. We're south of the NYC Mason-Dixon. They left us out of GTA.

HBR: I know. That hurts.

GH: No, it was for the best. Too many damn turkeys.

HBR: What's "Row Your Boat" about? In the verse, did vocal melody come first? Or the keyboard part?

GH: Guitar first, then vocals and everything else.  It's the LOL that exists within certain groups of organization AKA organizations for all intents and purposes.

HBR: The "Laugh Out Loud"? What do you mean?

GH: Well, it's funny isn't it?

HBR: Fair enough. What's a "Chicken Nugget Girl"? (or boy for that matter?)

GH: We're all chicken nuggets.

HBR: You are what you eat, I suppose...

GH: Spawns of spawns of the Baby Boomers.

HBR: It's funny how like, "Kids Menu"s at restaurants are always fries and chicken fingers, or a hot dog or whatever. Trivia question, what year was the chicken nugget invented?

GH: In the end, however, I like to imagine a gigantic cyborg chicken nugget comes to life and begins destroying the city. Let me Google that for you...

HBR: Haha, 1980! So it's pretty fitting, cause chicken nugget girls/boys are like, everyone who came after Gen X. What do you think of a Staten Island music festival? Good idea/Bad idea?

GH: There are already a few, I think. For example, Van Duzer Day and St. George Day.

HBR: Are those just celebrations? Or standalone festivals? I know they're doing Punk Island down there this year... (ps, "Van Duzer Day" is like, the most Staten Island sounding thing in history.)

GH: If you mean straight up music festivals, then yes, we should have those. That would be a great idea.

HBR: Yeah, like, Northside or CMJ. But just on the Island.

GH: Indeed. There's a good scene going on here and not enough exposure. We're actually going on a tour just to spread out some more. We'll be going with Matt Wilson and the Snowmans of Love and the Seconds.

HBR: Awesome, where are you guys going?

GH: The tour is still in planning but we're aiming to stomp around the Northeast. Montreal would be a fun place to end up at.

The band, in B&W mode.

HBR: Who are some other bands from SI that we should be listening to?

GH: We recommend Les Vinyl, Yeti and Milk Cup.

HBR: Well, I'm pumped to have you playing our showcase on 5/17. Matchless is one of my favorite venues. Where's your favorite place to play?

GH: Yeah, we're excited for that show. I think the Full Cup has been our most dependable venue to this point. We can always count on good folks to come through there, even on quieter nights.

HBR: The Full Cup is rad. I definitely recommend seeing a show down there, y'know as if there aren't a million reasons to go to Staten Island anyway. 

GH: Is that sarcasm? Because there aren't a million reasons to come to Staten Island. There's just one reason really -- us. Maybe pizza.

HBR: No, actually, there are a lot of reasons. Just to get on the boat and leave the city for a day is reason like, 1-4,000.

GH: You are one in 200 million, my friend.

HBR: I like seeing hills too. No hills really, up here.

GH: Our callous hearts lean towards pessimism and self deprecation on this lonely rock.

HBR: If you were famous and on a world tour, who would you want to open for you?

GH: If we were on a world tour, I, personally, would love for zombie J.S. Bach to come out and rock our socks off. But since that's not possible, maybe Daniel Johnston. Daniel Johnston/Casper the friendly ghost.

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  1. Wow, pretty awesome the Giga Herbs are playing the 17th. Seen them play shows...nothing I've ever seen before... can def count on fun times and sick songs.

  2. they r mad weird

  3. these dudes def sux. LOLZ

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