Monday, February 10, 2014

Talkin' Music Magic With THE SUZAN

  Valentine's Day is in the air, is it not? It's very obviously February outside. Winter fatigue has set in city-wide. A dusting of snow that would have been considered beautiful in December feels about as welcome of pigeon shit falling out of the sky. So it's time for winter's last holiday to rear it's ugly head, pass us by, and allow the springtime healing season of rebirth and romance to engulf us all. As an expert on being single on well, basically every day of the year, I highly recommend going to a show. You don't have to talk to anyone though there will be other people around, it's totally ok to spontaneously dance or stand in the corner and look at your shoes, and there will be all the alcohol you need (and then some).

  We're really exited for the Hearts Bleed Radio 2nd annual Valentine's Day show. Closing out the night is THE SUZAN. Transplants from Japan, they are always an engaging live show, as they transition between bubblegum pop and arty noise assaults. I spoke with Rie, Saori, and Nico via email. Here's the transcript:

Hearts Bleed Radio: Were you exposed to a lot of rock and roll growing up in Japan? Were your parents into it, or was it something you had to find on your own?

THE SUZAN: Rock and Roll is not so major in Japan, so we had to find cool foreign music on internet or music stores on our own.

Rie: My parents loved R&B or Soul music, Dance music.

HBR: Who are your biggest influences?

Rie: The Beatles.

HBR: You guys switch between bouncy pop music and noise punk. Does one style feel more natural than the other?

THE SUZAN: We are genre-less band. We have a lot of styles of music. Last week, we had a studio session, and made a dark heavy rock song. We play the music that we want to play. It's natural.

HBR: What is the best part of New York, and what is the worst?

Nico: Best: $1pizza!!

Saori: Worst: The garbage collection management method & Monster Rats.

HBR: Is Valentine’s Day celebrated in Japan? If not, what do you think of it?

THE SUZAN: Yes, We celebrate Valentine's Day in Japan. But it's different from the American celebration style. On Valentine's Day in Japan, girls give handmade chocolate or presents to boys.

HBR: What’s the best Valentine’s day you ever had? The worst?

THE SUZAN: Best: Last Year, We had a Valentine's Day party gig in Standard Hotel. Had a gorgeous Valentine's Day ever.

Nico: Worst: A few years ago, It was a day of the presentation time limit of the graduation thesis of the university.

HBR: Do you have any advice for a single person who is looking for a little Valentine’s Day magic?

THE SUZAN: Don't expect anything from Valentine's Day magic. COME TO OUR SHOW. THE SUZAN is gonna put the music magic on you!!!

HBR: When is your next recording coming out? Do you have any big plans for this spring?

THE SUZAN: WE hope to release a NEW ALBUM this year!! And we'll have some tours in the US this spring!

We hope to see you at the show on 2/14. THE SUZAN is going to put some serious magic on your ass, and we guarantee that you're going to find the man/woman/beer/band of your dreams. It's just up to you to recognize them.

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