Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ten Tracks + CMJ Anouncement

  It's really been for friggin' ever since I sat down and wrote something, ANYTHING, about actual music. I have a slight amount of free time on my hands, and I wanted to share with you some excellent tunes I came across this summer while working, setting up shows, playing music, etc. Also, I figured some random eyes might find this blog through the 4 Track Challenge, and I wanted to greet them with an article that wasn't about baseball.

OH, and we're throwing a CMJ showcase featuring Ghost Punch, The Planes, pow wow!, Light Therapy, Sunset Guns, and The Black Black. It's going to be a free back-room Legion party. Swing by if you're out and about on 10/24. I'll buy you a beer if you buy me some chicken rings after the show (only half kidding).

Ok, here's an indie-pop heavy (for HBR) ten song playlist of new releases from the spiring/summer. Enjoy!

Clam and what I believe is a DOUBLE RAINBOW.

The Underground pt. 2 (More Underground) - Clam

I love the desperation in Johnny's vocals on the second go around. A noisy crescendo that peaks right as it ends, this is end of summer jam #1. Also, Clam is an excellent live band, I highly recommend catching them. Bonus: there are a ton of interesting videos on their website.

Sleep Alone - The Teen Age

A catchy barroom rocker with some washed out reverb-y lead licks reminiscent of 80's guitar pop. Their next show is at the soon to be shuttered Death by Audio, with Spirit System and HBR favorites Clouder on 10/9. You should be there.

Fake French - Little Racer

The Teen Age's label-mates Little Racer, continue the theme of catchy, simple, but lush sounding tunes. Fake French is minimalist with a lot going on, if that makes sense. It's a simple tune with a rich sonic palette.

Fall - Souvenir Stand

I hear so much late era Beatles in this track; I absolutely love it. I haven't caught this band live yet, and I can't make their next gig (10/2 at Cake Shop), so I might just have to book them for something down the road.

Sorry, You're Breaking Up - Franny & Zoey

A super fun pop act from The Dominican Republic (who happen to spend loads of time in NYC). This short number is my favorite track, but all of Bottled Up & Ready To Go is worth checking out. Twee, but not annoying, they remind me of an updated version of one of my favorite all time bands, and I won't say their name, and I don't have to.

May 29, 1913 - Flying Pace

Flying Pace is a thinking person's rock band; time/feel changes and jagged rhythms pull their tunes along under the silky voice of vocalist Kristie Redfield. Redfield is one of the more interesting lyricists on Brooklyn these days, and it really shows on The Spectacle. You should catch them live (but please don't start a riot).

Dollar Store - Filmstrip

I'm fairly certain that Filmstrip lives in their tour van. I've seen this Cleveland three-piece play in New York more than most local bands. They are road worn, always tour tight, and some of the nicer dudes you'll come across. I love the guitar tone on this track.

The Ballad of The Boomerang - Onesie

I'm a sucker for arpeggios. It's such a simple thing, but it gets me every time. We're expecting more tracks from Onesie soon, this tune feels like the opener to an album. Keep an eye our, I'll see if we can premier one on the blog (exciting)!

Fear - Heathers

These guys played an HBR showcase back in the spring and absolutely killed it. They're from L.A. and were out here for NYC Popfest. Definitely check them out if you see them playing within 100 miles of you.

Carte Blanche - Clearance 

A random find. A Chicago band with a familiar feel, but kinda thicker tone than the boys from Stockton, CA. Haven't listened to their full length yet, but this single (and the B-side) are a great introduction. Enjoy!

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