Friday, September 2, 2011


we had terrible luck with traffic on wednesday heading to philly, and we had terrible luck with traffic headed up to noho. about 25 miles into connecticut, we put on "the boy with the arab strap", and the cars in front of us parted like the red sea. we followed it up with el jezel and happy hollows, two solid brooklyn bands. i was hoping to have a couple hours to roam around town before the show, but no such luck. but there was time to down a thai chicken burrito at bueno y sano, which is all that really matters.

sierra grille in northampton is awesome, everyone was super nice and we sold a couple of t-shirts to drunk people. we met the original bass player from sebadoh, he's an interesting guy. i think he fell in love with sacha (but who wouldn't?). a band from boston, "you can be a wesley", played after us and they were pretty good. i'll be catching them in williamsburg at cameo this thursday.


i used to live here
holy bones
helen of troy
sleeping contest
red car
secret show
love is a losing game (amy winehouse)
sea + enemy
free love

we had brunch at the green bean in northampton and hit the road, got back here a little over an hour ago.

we're playing tonight at bruar falls in williamsburg, it's gonna be a great line up. justice of the unicorns, the true jacqueline, gold streets, and the planes. show starts at 8:30!


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