Thursday, September 1, 2011


we kicked off our mini-tour in philly last night to a very small, but enthusiastic, audience.

the problem with going to philadelphia is that you're likely to spend more time getting out of new york then you spend covering the 100 miles or so on the jersey turnpike. this proved to be the case for us, but we weathered the storm. we listened to shark? and clinical trials, two brooklyn bands you should really check out. late rolling into philly, jeff, gavin and myself set a world record for "fastest consumed cheesesteaks" (my first real cheesesteak, from pat's steaks, F'ING INCREDIBLE!!!!!), while sacha waited on the world's slowest prepared taco. despite the traffic and taco (which she said was "the best chicken taco i ever had, and worth the wait), and despite not knowing where we were, we made it to the show on time.

a philly band called "soundwaves" kicked off the night, followed by this dude, alec stewart, then us, then billy (i am not the universe, the dude who set up the show). the projected the phillies game on a white building across the street and cliff lee almost threw a no-no. jeff and i played miss pacman, but my joystick was broken.


holy bones
sleeping contest
secret show
love is a losing game (amy winehouse)
sea + enemy
free love
red car

i drove us home with a splitting headache and a stomach full of cheesesteak, gatorade and gas station coffee and kinda wanted to vom, but didn't. after flawlessly navigating philly, we got turned around in chinatown and ended up getting funneled onto the manhattan bridge like a bunch of lost tourists. i was back in williamsburg by 3am.

we're playing at the sierra grille in northampton, mass tonight. we'll catch you on the flip side.


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