Sunday, March 10, 2013

Talking to Tenrec

Tenrec is a really interesting local band, and we were lucky to get them to open up the Hearts Bleed Radio showcase, March 22nd, at Legion in Williamsburg.  I sat down with Jeremy Garcia (lead singer and guitarist of the year old band), on ye olde Facebook chat to talk a little bit about the band, the show, and music in general...

Hearts Bleed Radio:  Are you the principal songwriter, or do you guys write as a group?

Jeremy:  We write as a group although it usually starts with me writing at home or in my practice space, and the other members writing their own parts.  Creative freedom is encouraged to an extent.

HBR:  I figured it was somewhat of a collaboration when I heard the kinda surf-y outro to "Lizard in the Sun". That strikes me as the kinda part that a guy writing songs on his acoustic in his apartment doesn't usually come up with.  Explain where that part came from. I think its great, and gives the song a totally new dimension.

Jeremy:  Haha, I wrote the lead on my own but the guys just made it work. Sean (drummer) just got it without me having to say much. Those are the best moments.

HBR:  Yeah, when you're on the same page like that, and something that is somewhat counter-intuitive just falls into place. The recordings on Bandcamp sound good, do you guys have plans to release anything more?

Jeremy:  Yes, we are planning to release a 12" EP. The next couple songs are my favorite of the bunch. It will be a 5 song release.

HBR:  Any idea when? Have you started planning the epic release party yet?

Jeremy:  No idea, we ought to be finished mixing in April. It's an independent release so we just need a little time. Hopefully before Fall. Release party is definitely not what we are even thinking about at the moment. But when it happens it will be a fun night for all, I hope.

 That's some real sci-fi shit, right there.

HBR:  I noticed the release date for your stuff on Bandcamp is November 5, 1955. Is that the day that Doc Brown fell in his bathroom, hit his head, and dreamed up the Flux Capacitor?

Jeremy:  Could be, you know, that date was our bassist's choosing, he loves Back To The Future.

HBR:  It's an important date in American history, often not taught in schools... Your band name, "Tenrec"... It's a small animal, right?

Jeremy:  Yes, the name is specific to the kind from Madagascar. It's the only mammal to communicate sonically the way it does. I thought the idea of it was interesting and I don't like sitting around thinking of serious band names.  ...In my head it's specific to the kind from Madagascar at least.

HBR:  Well, y'know, band names go as the band does. If Pavement sucked, everyone would realize how dumb of a band name that is.

Jeremy:  Nirvana too now that I think of it.

 One of the few photos of a NYC band practicing that includes actual sunlight.

HBR:  I hear like, New Order-esque driving bass lines, and then noisy guitar kinda like pre-"Soft Bulletin" Flaming Lips. Seems like the interplay of those two styles makes up a large part of your sound. Who are some major influences?

Jeremy:  I find that writing and being a fan or appreciator of certain bands are two completely different things for me. I love Guided By Voices, the Breeders, The Feelies, The Swirlies, The Velvet Underground, and The Flaming Lips. But they just show me how fun and extensive the possibilities were for them as far as songwriting goes. They really give you a certain taste for what sounds good too, so I guess appreciating and creating share that in common.

HBR:  Yeah. In a sense, when you're in a band, like, you try to make it a band you would like listening to if you weren't in it.  We're pumped to have you guys for the show on 3/22. Are there any other shows you're looking forward to this spring? Any good local bands you've played with that you'd like to see again?

Jeremy:  Summer Saints is an energetic band. We've played with them before. They jumped on stage the show before last to "help" sing a GBV song. It was scary how excited they were. Very fun. Haha. They should be fun to see at the show. Lost Coves is another cool band we always like playing with. But we are fairly new to playing with bands we actually like, so we are excited for the March 22nd show.

The info for the show is here.

I hope to have an interview with Summer Saints up sometime this week.  In the meantime, here's some more info on them.

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