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Marta from The Meaning of Life talks videos, cats, and CMJ

  As promo for 10/17 Hearts Bleed Radio CMJ Showcase #1, my band Big Quiet was going to record a collaboration with The Meaning of Life. Unfortunately, we couldn't make the time to get it recorded in time, so you're going to have to wait till, well, who knows when. But it's gonna be an original song, and it's gonna be sweet! Anyway, instead of a song right now, you get an interview, and a song in the future. You can see both bands (as well as FAN-TAN, EULA, and Heavy Birds) on Thursday, and another great bill (I set it up, so I'm biased...) on Saturday 10/19. So check out this interview with The Meaning of Life's singer/bassist Marta DeLeon and get pumped for the festival!

Hearts Bleed Radio: So, I've known you guys for awhile, but I'm not sure exactly how TMOL got started. How did you and Christian meet?

Marta: Somewhere between J-Date and the Bensonhurst Times? I answered Chris's ad for a female singer who sounded like Talk Talk's Mark Hollis being tickled by Jeff Buckley.

HBR: You seem like such a good fit for each other, it's hard to believe you met that way. What was it like when you first sat down to play together, and how is it different now?

Marta: I'm always a little scared meeting strange men in remote areas of Brooklyn BUT Chris's silliness translated through email. I was glad he also seemed to be a intuitive and creative player at the end of the B6 bus ride. We played for a couple of hours mostly originals. We were going to do a Velvet Underground cover I think to break the ice. Our approach today is similar. We start playing in the practice space with our adept current drummer San Lajeen and form a verse and maybe a chorus piece of the song. Then we make fun of each other while one talks of an obscure sitcom and or metal band. San grew up in Kalmyk and Chris in Chile so that makes the pop culture POV really fun.

Just another day at TMOL practice...

HBR: We did a piece on the Laura V video. Now that it's been out for awhile, are you thinking of making more videos? I kinda think you guys should do a movie.

Marta: Sure and something much different than Monty Python right?! The video really let us express the absurdity, color and cinematic qualities that we feel in our heads when play and write music. We are inspired by so many different images, vintage and futuristic I'd love to make something like "The Man Who Fell to Earth" type video/mini movie next time. These things take time and a little bit of bling.

HBR: Yeah, that's true. I'd like to see a four song EP, where like, you make videos for each song. Then, if you watch them in a row, it all actually goes together somehow. Anyway...
Are you working on anything in the studio right now?

Marta: Oh yeah that would be a dream. Like Matthew Barney's Cremaster except longer and sponsored by Coffeemate.  I think visuals help people enjoy the music and if they don't know us personally, they can see a little bit of our inspirations and humor.
  We are wrapping up two songs that we've been chipping away at. We got some others ready to record in the bunker. We are just trying to do it the right way production wise. We don't have Rick James with his red curls in that video "Party All The Time" whispering into our ears unfortunately. Then there's the glam task of promoting it which will be inspired but not sponsored by Redbull with my cat digging her claws into my lap at 2a m while in front of the computer. You know that scene right?

HBR: I know exactly what that's like. Baron has been sitting on me this whole time. How is Gravy (Marta's cat) these days?

Marta: She always looks at me like I'm crazy. She has a point. I mean I'm sitting in front of this illuminated box typing away for hours and she is comfortably napping/curled up.

HBR: But they don't understand... life is so much more than sleeping! If she played an instrument, what would she play?

Marta: She's pretty lazy. Something where she can just stare as inspiration. Maybe a theremin? We have been dusting off our side project "Rudy and Vanessa" a small outsider art Hip Hop duo.

HBR: You and your cat? ARE A HIP HOP DUO?!?

Marta: Yeah our first single is called "Black Chicken" inspired by her love of it, and her looking like one as well.

I call this the "Dream Weaver" shot. 

HBR: Any CMJ shows you're excited to see, that you aren't playing?

Marta: I'm excited to see Heavy Birds again and  Bleeding Rainbow even if they weren't sharing bills. I'm also crashing a Metal Insider deluxe bill with Black Anvil etc. at Europa. I can picture squeezing a beer can lovingly on the garish couch room at that venue whilst taking in the noise. CMJ has a lot of locals bands which you might have already seen but the best shows are the ones you stumble on waiting for the rain to clear, a friend to meet you. A band you never planned on catching.

HBR: Any tips for the first time festival goer?

Marta: Go for it and go to a day show. They are usually free and you can squeeze the guitar player's toes onstage or after. Heckle, sing along to our cover. I might just be a fan of the heckle. Who knows? Come find out.

HBR: Are you going to play "Four Legs and Fangs" on 10/17? It's my favorite. You don't have to. I'm just curious.

Marta: Ahh man Stephen, speaking of gatos! Well I guess we might have to out of guilt (kiddin')... but that song is long (5 min+ live). Maybe a speed metal version where I run to the tiny Legion ladies room spilling beer all the way to White Castle?

HBR: Good idea. I'll make sure a film crew is on hand.

It's gonna be a fun night, and we hope to see you there!

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