Monday, October 14, 2013

Talkin' CMJ and evil twins with EULA's Alyse Lamb.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you're handling the pressures of returning to work, or if you're a barber, hope you're enjoying a day of not cutting hair. Anyhow.. CMJ officially starts tomorrow and we have shows on both Thursday and Saturday! Thursday night's show features a local band that I've known for years, and finally got a chance to book. EULA is a loud, fun band. They aren't "party music," but to me, they are party music. Does that make sense? I guess what I'm saying is that they are a great band to be in a small drunk room with. I sat down with guitarist/singer Alyse Lamb, and had a little chat about random music related things. Here's the transcript:

Hearts Bleed Radio: So we're really pumped to have you guys for 10/17. EULA's sound, to me, kinda rests on a blurry line between indie and punk, and you seem quite comfortable there. What attracts you to loud, aggressive music?

Alyse: I've always been attracted to the physicality of music, probably from my years and years of dance classes. I love to move around to it. But I do need both - the cerebral and the visceral to be fulfilled.

HBR: What's your background in dance?

Alyse: I took ballet from age 4 til about 15, with intermittent modern dance/movement sprinkled here and there. My older sister was a pro so I wanted to be just like her when I was younger. But that all changed when I got a guitar at 12.

HBR: Haha, I think a lot of us know exactly what you mean. Was it love at first sight with the guitar? Did you know that you wanted to be a musician right away?

Alyse. Doing what she does best.

Alyse: I loved all of the classical-romantic-post-impressionistic music I was dancing to so I took piano lessons first... I enjoyed it but it required so much study and attention and I was a bit ADD for it. I tried saxophone and clarinet... very fun instruments. I always knew I wanted to be involved with music, as a professional dancer in a ballet company dancing to it, or actually performing it. The guitar really sealed it for me. I learned I could be physical as well as creative with it.

HBR: EULA has great chemistry on stage. How did you all meet? What is it about Nate and Jeff that makes them strong musicians and performers?

Alyse: I recorded a bunch of demos while at music school in New Haven, CT. I was very shy about them. A part of me wanted to share them with friends but another part of me wanted to hide them. I became very good friends with Nate and Jeff while at school. We all had radio shows on campus, and played a lot of the same style of music. So I gained enough confidence to show them some demos... and EULA was formed. Our first shows were pretty terrifying. I was terrified. But after years of playing with the same 2 people... you become very comfortable and free. Our live shows have blossomed.
  Jeff is amazing at melody. He's a very melodic bass player. Since we're a little 3-piece, he puts forth a lot of space with his melodic bass playing. I'm more of a rhythmic guitar player, so I think it fills up nicely. Nate is also deeply rooted in rhythm, and he propels our noise. He's also a great guitar player but sadly he's behind the drumset every show.

HBR: I saw you guys at Rippers like, 2 months ago, and I kinda got the feeling that Jeff was singing more. Is that the case? Or was it just the salt air getting to me?

Alyse: Yes, he's definitely singing a lot more. The new songs I've written contain a lot of backing vocals and harmonies, so fortunately Jeff (and also Nate) have the extra job of singing. I like pushing them too.

HBR: How do songs usually come together for you guys? Do you bring in an idea and kinda jam it out?

Alyse: Our first demos and EPs were pretty collaborative. Either I would have a song and present it to Nate and Jeff, or Nate would bring in a song and we'd flesh it out. Maurice Narcisse (our first album) was a mix of collaboration as well, some jams, some of my songs, some of Nate's songs. After moving to NY in 2011, I began writing like a fiend. It was pouring out. So our new album is basically my diary about moving to this insane city.

EULA, mid-rockage.

HBR: Tell me more about the new album. When is it due out?

Alyse: I had a very distinct vision of the new album. After writing the songs and arranging them, I wanted the recording to hit you in the face. I wanted Swans, I wanted gross and I wanted BIG. We had the ultimate pleasure of working with Martin Bisi at BC Studios. He recorded & mixed the album. I don't want to say too much now but it's gorgeous. And hideous. It'll be an early 2014 release.

HBR: I thought up a good name for your evil twin. Alyse Lamb - Ally Slam

Alyse: Ooooo that's dicey.

HBR: Or maybe you're the evil version... So you have a new release early next year. Anything else you'd like to plug? Any other CMJ shows this week?

Alyse: Yesss. We play Heart Bleeds Radio (what???!?!) extravaganza on Thursday at Legion; Gimme Tinnitus & Ipsum Magazine show on Friday at Cloud City, and BreakThru Radio's event on Saturday at Grand Victory. Perhaps you'll see my evil twin lurking around.

HBR: Any advice for the first time festival goer/performer? Other than to avoid evil twins.

Alyse: Go out & see a band you've never heard of. It could be your favorite!

If you haven't heard EULA yet, come check them out, they could easily become your favorite new band.!

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